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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Flathead Volleyball Club a school sports program?

A: No. Flathead Volleyball Club is a non-profit, independent club program that has no affiliation with any of the school volleyball programs. Our local schools graciously provide us with gym space at a very reasonable cost and that is the extent of their involvement. Some of our club staff is involved with school sports, but we strive to maintain as much separation as possible between the school and club volleyball programs. Please direct your questions and concerns about Flathead Volleyball Club to club staff and not toward school staff or administration.

Q: Do I have to play club volleyball to make the high school team or play on a junior high "A" team?

A: Absolutely not! We know several young ladies who have never played club volleyball and have played on a high school team or junior high "A" teams. We have also had several young ladies who have played club and have not made the high school team or junior high "A" teams. Club volleyball is simply another opportunity for you to play volleyball and most likely improve your skills!

Q: Can I play club volleyball and a school sport during the same season?

A: The policy of Flathead Volleyball Club is to leave that decision to the athlete and her parents or guardians. We try our best to avoid conflicts between the two organizations, but when there are scheduling conflicts between school and club sports participation, the in-season school sport should take priority. Participating in multiple sports is a major time commitment when balancing in family, academic, social, and other activities. Please remember that your full participation is expected for the club as it is for the school sport. Your teammates rely on you to help make the team better. The schedule for club is, however, much lighter than that of high school sports and therefore athletes can participate in both without compromising either.

Q: Will I be playing with and against athletes who are close to my age?

A: Most likely. An athlete's age classification is determined by their age as of September 1st (see the Age Definitions chart on the "Club Info." page) and we use this when formulating teams. An athlete is allowed to "play up" any number of age levels, but is not allowed to "play down". For example, a 15 & under (U15) player can play up on a U16, U17, or U18 team, but cannot play down on a U14, U13, or U12 team.

Q: My question must not be "frequently asked", because I don't see it here. Who can I ask?

A: Please send your questions to the email at the bottom of the page and we'll attempt to get back to you as soon as possible. During the season, feel free to approach or email your coach with your questions or concerns.



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